• About High Yield Fuel Hydrogen Injection System
  • High Yield Fuel offers performance fuel systems that focus on reducing harmful emission levels to meet and exceed EPA quotas. Its effect on horsepower and fuel economy makes it good to be green.

    The High Yield Fuel system uses a solution that is stored in the reservoir and converts it to hydrogen gas in the generator using stainless steel and a very low voltage charges. The amount of hydrogen produced is controlled by the proprietary CPU using 2 to 3 amps. The hydrogen gas is stored in the accmulator to provide a constant supply then dispenses it. The computerized system regulates the hydrogen to mix with the fuel, resulting in better fuel economy and powers, while lowering harmfull emissions.

    Hydrogen is extremly light and it will take the first exit regardless, so proper installation by a specialist is critical. Hydrogen reduces the amount of fuel consumption by simply extrecting the hydrogen-oxygen mixture from the distilled water and adding the extra hydrogen to the mixture. The oxygen increases the octane so the Hydrogen Injection System produces higher ocatane fuel for a cleaner burn and more power.

    You may encounter many who have either tried to build a hydrogen generator or know someone who has done it. The fact is hydrogen is easy to produce, but the complicated art is how to make it last and tolerant to the engine. We have perfected the art. There has never been another computerized system developed that compares to the High Yield Fuel System.