Go Green: Hydrogen Basics

The High Yield Performance Hydrogen Injection System uses a solution of distilled water that converts it to hydrogen gas in the generator using stainless steel plates and a low amp setting. The amount of hydrogen produced is controlled by our proprietary CPU using 2 to 3 amps. The computerized system regulates the hydrogen and air mixture to provide a constant hydrogen supply. With this combination, the system produces a hotter flash point and a more complete and cleaner burn, resulting in better fuel economy and increased power while lowering harmful emissions.

Hydrogen reduces the amount of fuel consumption by simply extracting the hydrogen-oxygen mixture from the distilled water and adding the extra hydrogen to the air mixture. The oxygen-hydrogen mix increases the burn to 95% to 99% in the cylinders. It is important to know that hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe and extremely light. It will take the first exit from the system regardless, so product design and proper installation is critical for system integrity.

You may encounter others who have either tried to build a hydrogen generator or know someone who has done it. The fact is hydrogen is easy to produce, but extremely complicated when making it last and tolerant to the engine. Our engineers have perfected the art of on-demand hydrogen and every system is assembled in an AS 0100, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified facility to insure the highest quality standards in the industry. The end results are durable systems that will deliver years of reliable performance.

How it Works