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What would a 8 to 15% fuel saving do for your bottom line?

  • Made in America in an ISO 9001 Cerified Facility
  • Will not modify or void factory warranty
  • Easy to Install
  • Very low maintenance
  • Works with all engines
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Increase horsepower and torque
  • Experience cooler operating temperatures
  • Reduction of carbon emissions
  • Cleaner engine oil, less smoke and fewer re-burns.
  • Freeze protection
  • Two year warranty with extended warrantly available.

Hydrogen Boost: Generating Profit For The Family Farm

Is there is anyone on the face of this earth that understands "Savings = Revenue" better than the American farmer? In order to survive in a world of fluctuating commodity values the farmer must be able to deliver for less. This is why the High Yield Fuel Commercial Series has been so well received in that community. Whether it is an ATV, work truck, diesel tractor or a natural gas irrigation pump, the High Yield Fuel Hydrogen Injection System can turn a good season into a great one!

Hear what other's have to say

Never before has my John Deere been able to chisel plow in 6th gear but now I can do it with ease; plus at 200 less RPM! - S Porter, Farmer, Kansas

We installed the systems in 2010 on irrigation pumps. During 1,200 hours of operation, the fuel consumption tests on the 160 HP diesel engines were performed before and after installation. The baseline for a 24 hour run showed an average of 7.45 gallons per hour being consumed before installation and 5.17 gallons per hour after installation. The results were a 2.26 average gallons per hour savings or a total savings per well of 54 gallons. -Service Technician, Case IH Dealership, Arkansas

Our fuel reduction is 15%+, and we experienced an instant increase in power, a smoother running engine and cleaner first oil change in the large silage cutters. In our trucks with 3208 turbo Cat engines, we showed a gain in power and considerable fuel reduction. - R. Martin, WM Custom Silage Cutting & Bagging, Kansas

I am seeing Natural Gas bills drop $500 to $1,000 per well since installing the G-1000 systems. - J. Allison, Natural Gas Technician, Oklahoma

My Turbo boost typically ran 15 psi. Now runs from 3-5 psi, my turbo temp is down 300 degrees & engine temp is down 10. - Walter, Idaho Caterpillar

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